About us

Pajota, a valuable partner since 1971

Pajota, four top quality, reliable estate agencies located in Dilbeek, Ninove, Halle and Brussels. From these offices we cover most of Flemish Brabant, East Flanders and Brussels. Thanks to the extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the market, we have a wealth of information about property that we’d like to share with you.
About us

Pajota puts its years of experience at the disposal of its customers. We support and guide you through the sale of your property, we can also take responsibility for the rental of your property, as well as providing you with a wide range of property services. Pajota always guarantees realistic and properly based price estimates, legally substantiated sales agreements and individual guidance.

Our personnel are registered estate agents and trained professionals. Our Masters in Law and Masters in Notarial Law ensure professional and legally sound working methods, without any unexpected surprises.

As a Certes estate agent Pajota is guaranteed to be professional, quality oriented and trustworthy.  Read More

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Quality oriented

Pajota has 18 qualified professionals at your disposal. Our team consists of approved estate agents and properly trained personnel covering specific areas of expertise with property. Our contracts are always drawn up by a Master in Law. When acquiring property you are supported by a Master in Notarial Law. This results in the smooth and proper sale or lease of your property.

Individual advice

Pajota is more than just an estate agent, because you can come to us with all your queries regarding property. We translate our extensive knowledge and experience into your specific issues and requirements. We help you with parcelling and other surveying services, as well as making an inventory of fixtures and fittings, drawing up documentation and any breaches of planning regulations. No matter what you ask, Pajota will provide an individual answer based on our years of experience and traditions. That’s our quality label.  

Total concept

As well as being technical experts, Pajota is also administratively and organisationally strong. We possess the necessary infrastructure for receiving buyers, arranging information dissemination gatherings and planning consultative meetings. This optimal organisation ensures that we can provide you with the best of service, that your project comes over as professional, and that all the parties involved are fully aware of the amounts payable. Thorough professional communications are essential especially when it comes to planned sales, a sales process in which we have extensive experience. 

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